July 2005
Cheez Patrol
at Magic Mountain
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First things first - Funnel cake!

Now on to Those Thrilling Rides! So, What Do We Hit First??? The Terrifying, The Gut Wrenching, The Death Defying...Merry go Round!

Steven, Brian & Ian

Our Fearless Patrol Leader Evan

Ready to Take on Superman...

Wait, We Appear to Have Lost a Few Along the Way...

Maybe This is Why

All of Us "Kids" Have Lunch at Mooseburger Lodge

Eric Displays the Proper Technique When Drinking With Antlers

Brian Gives it a Try

Yes, We Actually Walked Around the Park in our Antlers...All of Us!

Even on Some of the Rides

But Not on This one!


At Granny's Grand Prix

On the Jetstream

Riding Psyclone

Evan, Eric, Steven & Brian

Swinging on the Swashbuckler

It Just Looks Like Goliath is Blowing Up-They Had Fireworks That Night

Scream at Night

Ninja Video