My First Troop Outing-USS Midway Tour

OK, What Did I Do to Deserve This???

Tim Chows Down at Cheryl's Diner on the Way to Whitsett

Selling Popcorn

Showing His Scout Spirit by Working Taylor's Eagle Project

Tim the First-Aider

And What Do You Want for Christmas Little Gnome?

Tim and a "Friend" at the Granada Hills Holiday Parade

Tim & Klyde Hang Ten at Zuma

Tim Keeps an Eye on Eric


Tim On Ice...And If You Got Ice You Gotta Have...FIRE!

Anyone Want to Play Magic?

A Rare Sighting of  Bob & Winston (Tim is Hiding Behind Winston)

Skiing at Big Bear

A McSnack Before Work

Kyle About to Launch Tim...

Tim Peaks Out From His Tent

Tim Likes In-N-Out

And Slush Puppies Too of Course!

Yep, I've Got the Christmas Spirit...

Mmmm, Gnome Snacks!

More to come...