Chris Balian
Troop 464 Eagle

  Project:   May 2 & 3 1998

Tree Planting and
Installation of water lines
in parking area
for Piuma Trailhead

Tapia State Park
Calabasas?, CA

Flyers calling all Scouts to action. 01_balian-eagle-proj.gif (207830 bytes) 02_balian-eagle-flyer.gif (177662 bytes)
04_before-proj-began2.jpg (12255 bytes) Parking area before project began 03_before-proj-began.jpg (10230 bytes)
  05_before-proj-began3.jpg (13438 bytes)
06_scott-clearing.jpg (13201 bytes) Scott Balian preparing to clear the field
Digging the trench for the water line
08_digging-trench-for-pipe2.jpg (14894 bytes) 07_digging-trench-for-pipe1.jpg (18829 bytes) 10_prepare_trenches.jpg (17626 bytes)
Ranger Rick and Chris discuss the project
09_rick_chris_discuss.jpg (14852 bytes)
11_tree_holes.jpg (19417 bytes) Digging holes for the tree planting & lining the holes with chicken wire to keep the gophers out. 24_line_holes.jpg (19052 bytes)
More trenching
14_more_trenching2.jpg (15176 bytes) 18_clearing_trench.jpg (19832 bytes) 13_more_trenching.jpg (18556 bytes)
17_webelos_helping.jpg (17481 bytes) ,Lots of help from the Webelos 15_everyones_trenching.jpg (19774 bytes)
Cory still trenching
20_cory_still_trenching.jpg (14780 bytes)
16_laying_new_pipe.jpg (18007 bytes) Laying the new pipeline 19_joining_pipe.jpg (18648 bytes)
Finding the lost water line in the planting area near the parking lot 21_finding_lost_pipe.jpg (18744 bytes) 22_finding_lost_pipe2.jpg (19515 bytes)
Carol & Cory keeping dry
23_keeping_dry.jpg (6145 bytes)

The Finished Project!

26_final_product2.jpg (20726 bytes) 27_new_piuma_trail.jpg (25450 bytes) 25_final_product.jpg (17304 bytes)

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