David Nussbaum
Troop 464 Eagle

               To Everyone At Troop 464

                from David Nussbaum

A hardy THANK YOU!

I could not have done my Eagle project without your help. From the adults who advised me, to the scouts and parents who assisted me with the physical labor, to the little kids from Dave Ballew’s pack, you are all responsible for making this project a success. It was a really long day, but the scenery couldn’t have been any better and I know we made a difference. I visited to site a couple of weeks later, and guess what, many people were using that staircase. They were all remarking how well made it was and… alright, so they weren’t saying that, but they were using it!

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who helped. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


project 1.jpg (75500 bytes) project 2.jpg (79664 bytes)
The troop working hard at the beginnings. Breaking for some grub to satisfy the workers.
project 3.jpg (90467 bytes) project 4.jpg (84960 bytes)
The steps in use by the public. A group shot at the end of the day.

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