January 26-27 2013
Calico Campout

Karen, Why is the Car Upside Down?

Making the Fireline to Unload the Trailer

Camp Set up Can Wait - We Need Food First!

Grilled Cheese for Everyone

Soups On!

So There Was Some Pickle Juice Left. Cody Said He would Try it if Ryan Would Try it.

I think Cody Liked it Better Than Ryan Did

We Got to Ride on the Calico-Odessa Railway

Around the Town

Walking Through Maggie's Mine

Visiting the Mystery Shack

Wait? Water UPHill?

Next We Went Panning for "Gold"

Chris & Josiah

Karl, Paul & Dale






Even Alan & I Gave it a Try

Eventually The Troop Took Over the Whole Place


The Adults Needed Some Quiet Time So We Told the Scouts to Check Out the Iron Box

A Jackhammer...

Grabbing A Geocache in Town

On the Ridge at Sunset

Now You KNOW it Was Cold! Alan is Wearing a Jacket AND Long Pants!

Pumping Water for Breakfast

Some Cereal and Hot Cocoa Before Packing Up to Go Home

Didn't We Do This Yesterday?

One Last Look Before We go

At Least We MIssed the Rain on the Campout

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