January 25-26 2014
Calico Campout

Waiting at the Mystery Shack for our Tour

With this Creepy Guy Watching Us...

Was it Easier Up or Down the Ramp?

Come on Guys! Get Up Already!

Now, Where is That Water Coming From Exactly?

The Very Rare White Bats of Calico

Taking a Quick Break

The New and Improved Jackhammer for 2014

Karl & Alan Practice Their Roping Skills
Walking Through Maggie's Mine

Who Got Whom?

Time to do a Little Panning for "Gold"







Thanks to the Town Sheriff Alan and Karen Can Finally Get Some Peace and Quiet!

We Stopped at the Saloon for a Little Music and some Sarsaparillas

and a Little Game of Chance Led By Dead-Eye-Joe

As Sunset Approaches it is Time to Head Back and Set Up Camp

Now All That is Needed is Some Food

BBQ Chicken Anyone?

All Too Soon it is Time to Pack Up and Head Home

We Left Early Enough to Grab a Few Geocaches on the Way Back

We Found All 8 That We Looked For

and Some Things We Weren't Looking for...

Tired Out From the Weekend

* Additional Photos by Troop Historian Sebastian

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