Michael Davidson
Troop 464 Eagle

Project:  Fence installed next to corral at
Camp Joan Meir
Crippled Children's Camp
Malibu, CA

MDEPRJ-a.JPG (31793 bytes)

The graded road before the fence was added.
MDEPRJ-b.JPG (45486 bytes)

Drilling post holes takes some beef.

MDEPRJ-c.JPG (30828 bytes)

Thank goodness for adult workers with construction skills.

MDEPRJ-d.JPG (61200 bytes)

The gang trues up the first post as Nolen ponders the next.

MDEPRJ-e.JPG (44213 bytes)

The finished product!

MDEPRJ-f.JPG (50787 bytes)

Michael's crew for the project.

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