Troop 464 Backpack Checklist
The 10 Essentials: (to be carried at all times)
To Find You Way For Emergencies
  Compass   Matches (in waterproof container)
  Map   Fire starter (candle, heat tabs, etc.)
  Flashlight (extra batteries)   Pocket Knife
For Your Protection   First Aid Kit (include moleskin, tape)
  Sunglasses, leash (side shields good)
  Extra Food (trail snacks, etc) 11th Essential
  Extra Warm Clothing   Toilet paper (the 11th essential)
Individual Gear
  backpack Clothing to Wear
  pack cover (large trash bag OK)   Socks(2-pair)-pile or wool & thin liner
Sleep Gear   Boots (break them in!!)
  sleeping bag (should be light)   Long Pants
  sleeping pad   Hat or Cap
  straps to hold on sleeping bag   Shirt and/or sweaters (have several. include a wool or pile for layering in cold weather)
  wool cap   Parka or Jacket (wind & water resistant)
  long johns Clothes to carry
  underwear/clean socks(to sleep in)   extra clothes (you don't need many)
Personal Emergency Kit   socks, 2-pairs
  Whistle   camp shoes or sandals  for camp use
  Watch   poncho/rain gear
  emergency blanket Cleanup kit
Personal Eating Gear Toilet Kit
  Silverware set (plastic)   --toothbrush/paste
  bowl/cup   --comb/brush/hair stuff
  sack lunch for Saturday on the trail   --biodegradable soap (camp soap)
  money for lunch coming back Sunday   --small towel/washcloth
Water   --sunscreen
  2-qts per person   trash bag
(make sure they don't leak)   toiletry shovel (orange shovel)
By Patrols - to be coordinated/distributed by the patrol leader
  ground cloth/poles/fly Food for meals
Cook Gear   dinner
  Cook stove/windscreen   breakfast
  fuel Other group gear
  matches   toilet paper
  cook kits ( enough for menus planned)   garbage bags
  cooking utensils   cord or rope
  pot scrubber   collapsible water bucket
Keep it Light!!! A good guideline is to keep your total pack weight at 1/4  of the boys weight. (1/3 max!!)
Sports Chalet rents packs and light sleeping bags.  They will fit the equipment to the boy.