Here is the list of attendees & their MB picks for Camp Whitsett in 2013.

(Be sure to review the requirements for each badge you are taking-try if you do not have the books. Report writing is best
done BEFORE you get to camp. There are prerequisites for several merit
badges. You need to complete them BEFORE you go to camp to get the badge.
Some merit badges have additional fees-basketry, woodcarving, pottery, etc.)

Josiah A (Env Science/Swimming/Wild Survive/Rifle Shooting)
Karl B (Archaeology/Art/Trail to 1st Class)
Chance C  (Env Science/Woodcarving/Swimming/Trail to 1st Class)
Kyle D  (Welding/Pioneering/Indian Lore)
Hayden G  (Archaeology/Swimming/Trail to 1st Class)
Andy G  (Archaeology/Art/Basketry/Woodcarving)
Eoin K  (Leatherwork/XXX/Trail to 1st Class)
Alex K  (Env Science/Woodcarving/Swimming/Citizenship in the Nation)
Dale L  (Woodcarving/XXX/Trail to 1st Class)
Paul L (Woodcarving/XXX/Trail to 1st Class)
Ryan M (Shotgun/Nature & Mammal Study/Citizenship in the Nation/Whitewater)
Jack M (Camping/Shotgun/Lifesaving/Env Science)
Christian P (Kayaking/Whitewater/Fish & Wildlife/Weather)
Sebastian, S  (Woodcarving/Leatherwork/Reptile & Amphibian/Archery/Fishing)
Cody S  (Citizenship in the World/Citizenship in the Nation)
Johny S  (Wild Survive/Canoeing/Env Science/Fishing)
Tyler Y  (Archaeology/Welding/Communications)

(Approximate cost for Camp Whitsett this year is $450 per Scout + spending money)

Dates for Camp Whitsett - June 16th thru June 22nd.

Here is a list of downloadable forms from Camp Whitsett. There may be changes before we get to camp so check back occasionally.

Write to a Scout (or Leader) at camp.