Dear Troop 464,

I know this is coming a little late but I want to thank everyone from
the troop who helped me reach my goal of receiving Eagle Scout. I came
to your troop with most of my scouting completed but your troop let me
join in and finish what I needed to get to Eagle. Although I didn't get
to know you all that well I appreciate all the help I received.

Everyone who participated in my project up at Sage Ranch should know
that when we had the fires in October 2003 it was the first time in the
history of the park the fire crews were able to drive completely around
the park and keep an eye on the situation. The work you did to clear
the roadway and divert the trail made it a much less treacherous path
and provided them with an open road. I was amazed at all the people who
showed up and all the hard work that you did, I can't thank you enough
for all your help. When you Scouts do your Eagle project you will really
know how much it means to have your fellow scouts, leaders, and parents
come and help.

Thanks Again, Zack Murphey